Three phase 63A automatic reset overvoltage and under voltage protection device relay

Three phase 63A

Three phase 63A

Three phase 63A

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Product Details

产品描述 Description

The self-reset over voltage and under voltage    protective device considered modular design. The circuit board adopted good quality Latching relays and others components with reliable performance. When the power supply is unstable (voltage is too high or too low), the protection function will be activated automatically. Once the voltage exceeds the limited range, it will be cut off automatically, so that to protect the peoples and electrical appliances /equipment in safe , also the protective device will be reset by itself in 60 seconds, when the power returns to normal.

技术指标 Technical index

Rated AC voltage额定电压

380±10% VAC, Frequency 50HZ

Max current  最大电流


Over voltage action cut off value过压启动值

>460 ±5VAC

Reset voltage value after normal voltage常压恢复值


Under voltage action cut off value 欠压启动值

<300 ±5VAC

Reset voltage value after normal voltage常压恢复值

335 ±5VAC

Electricity reset time after normal voltage过欠压启动时间


Power consumption自身消耗


Electrical life电气寿命

1×105 Cycles次

Mounting  安装


Dimension 尺寸

L=77.5mm W73mm H66m

产品外形尺寸 Outlie dimensions

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